1 Year Review

This review will be offered when your baby is between 11-13 months old.

Your baby may be learning new skills such as:

  • turning to his/her name and making lots of new sound
  • enjoying pat-a-cake games and toys that make noises like rattles
  • almost walking alone but need you close by
  • picking up small things and exploring them so you need to keep him/her safe
  • being demanding and pointing to things out of reach
  • holding spoon but needing more practice to feed themselves
  • using a feeder cup

Other things you may want to talk about at the review are:

  • your child's growth or weight
  • vision or hearing
  • sleep and routines
  • behaviour
  • encouraging your child's development
  • childcare if you want to go back to work or training
  • your own health